Reiki is a natural and harmonious way of aiding relaxation which helps to balance the bodies energy, which in turn can assist with the healing of physical as well as emotional issues. This is a completely natural technique which helps to address the whole bodies needs and not only address the symptoms. Reiki has been known to be an effective complementary treatment in the healing process:

  •  following an illness
  •  after surgery
  • for an elderly animal
  • after abuse
  • trauma
  • neglect
  • laminitis
  • fear/trust issues

Reiki can be given hands on, or from a distance, which can be helpful when working with a nervous animal.
An effective Reiki session may leave your animal feeling drowsy or sleepy, this a perfectly natural state for your animal to be in after a session.


Please remember, before any Reiki session, you must contact your veterinary practice to let them know.  Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care but can be used alongside other treatments to promote healing.